Noob question re: drum mode

OK I’ve had this for a couple of days and love it. One thing I can’t figure out is that sometimes in drum mode, when I have a drum kit loaded up, I hear and can control a separate drum on each key of the keyboard, and sometimes there’s one single drum that’s at different pitches on each step of the keyboard. I can see how both modes are useful but can’t figure out how to switch between them!

It sound like you are doing one of two things here.
1/ accidentally shifting to synth sampler without realising
2/ you have sequencer running… so when you press a key it triggers the sequencer and not the actual drum hit on that key

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I’m unsure of this is what you’re referring to, so if I misunderstood i apologize lol. You may have accidentally tweaked a few keys to a lower or higher octave. Find one that is off & make sure the number in blue at the top left is at 0 (baseline octave) & if you tweak the blue dial you’ll be able to either raise or lower to zero.

thank you - with the sequencer on the thing kinda acts like synth mode in drum mode. i thought all my samples were messed. thanks for this!!

even after having the OP1 for a few years now, I still get confused, and have the sequencer running without realising it and wonder what the hell is going on.