Norn Shield & OP1

Hi everyone,

I get the Op1 in the perspective of traveling light with a tool to create on the way so I’m pretty new with it and I already really like all of it (I guess like all of u), I’m getting soon the Norn Shield to expand my traveling setup and I wanted to have some tips to explore the capacity of both combine ofc.

Here are my question :

  • Is it possible to control via midi usb (op1 keyboard) the Norn Shield? Need to be on op1 Midi mode or not necessarily?
    (I want to play both at the same time, and have the ability to control Norn with op1.)

  • Is the usb midi from op1 can send the clock to Norn ?

Hope this topic will make sens for other :slight_smile:

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This question is better suited for the forum but the answer is yes to both of your questions. The Norns shield is essentially a computer so you’re only limited to what you or someone else can develop. Many existing scripts can both send and receive midi notes, cc messages, clock transport controls, but these features are not universally available for all of them. The great thing is if you’re willing to learn, you can modify any existing script to your liking.

In OP1 mode it sends:

  • Midi notes
  • Midi clock - set metronome to ‘Beat Match’
  • transport controls (play/pause/stop)

And receive:

  • midi notes
  • midi clock - set metronome to ‘Sync Mode’
  • transport controls (play/pause/stop)
  • cc messages - see MIDI LFO mode.

bit of toppic…
… just watched an extencive review of norn shield. and there is a po-33 emulator on it :star_struck::exploding_head::star_struck:
OMG thats SO AWESOME!!!:clap:

@12:40 po-33 demo