Not able to install firmware to unbrick OP-1?

Hello- sorry if this is already part of another thread- it seems to be a slightly different problem I’m having.

At one point last year my OP-1 was starting up on a black screen with a small speaker crackle. With the advice of this forum I saved it by starting in TE boot mode and installing new firmware.
I’m now having the same black screen problem. HOWEVER- now when I load a firmware file onto the OP1 and press the com key as instructed… nothing happens! The OP1 just sits there on the instructions screen as if i didn’t press the com button. I’ve tried factory reset and formatting drive to no effect. I have tried firmware file versions 218, 220, and 225. My OP-1 will not seem to continue the install process on any of them. I am wondering if anyone has come across this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated. I am considering sending the device in for repair but being as I am short on funds- thought I would reach out as a last attempt!

At which point does the installation stop? If it’s the CRC32 check the downloaded files might be faulty.

Did you eject the OP-1 USB drive properly after you’ve copied the firmware file?

Is the battery fully charged? Try connecting the USB cable to a USB charger after you dropped the firmware file.

I’ve found unplugging / re plugged USB with on/off switching combos kick start a poorly OP-1.
The speaker crackle shows sgns of life & sends hope if you still experience this.

Hi! Thanks for the replys!

@motone - The installation goes as far as having me connect it to the pc and dragging the firmware onto the drive. I then do as it says and eject the usb drive. At this point when I press the COM button as instructed- nothing happens. … I just tried plugging it into a usb charger before pressing the COM button. No LUCK!
The battery wont display whether it is charging or not when plugged in. That is part of the symptoms of this black screen issue.

I don’t know what you mean by CRC32? Also- I am using the unzipped versions of the op1_225.op1 file (also tried with op1_218.op1 and op1_220.op1)

@Spheric_El - Thanks! but no luck yet with various USB switch fiddlings… It’s maddening because I brought it back to life one other time from this state last year :frowning: