Note Length

I’ve tried to search as I am sure someone has mentioned this before, but is it possible to change the length of a note? In free mode I can hold and here the full synth loop, but cannot seem to work out how to add it to the pattern like that.


You can’t really hold notes in Pattern, but you can in Endless. Just hold the note and press the right arrow for however many steps you want it to be held for.

Duh, just realized this was about pocket operators and not the OP1.

set length

^ Note: PO-14/16 only!

Thank you! I’ll have a go

That’s worked perfectly. Just need the note on then hold it again and use the b know.

B knob even. Bloody autocorrect

Does note length adjustment work on the Arcade?


After playing with the arcade, it’s a fantastic all in one system. However with the new chord system it’s so good I feel like I am cheating. Haha