Novation Circuit Components (sample playback added)

The Circuit has added sample playback functionality:

The following parameters can be automated / plocked:

Hi pass / low pass filter

Need to use online cloud editor to get stuff in there.

Nice update. I don’t own circuit but looks like increasingly great bang for buck.

The 2 synth, 4 drum track limitation was restrictive, particularly when it comes to fleshing out a sequence with some pads or SFX. Drums / sample polyphony is set at 4 so it is still limiting, but a big improvement nonetheless! :D

shit, now that’s making me want one

My wife picked one up for $230 a few months ago and her main complaint was how the drum sounds covered too many different genres, which made them limiting to specific styles.

This is a great update.

I’ve just had my first play and this update takes the Circuit up to a different level. I’d go so far as to say immense, esp in bang for the buck terms.

P-locking the params above as well as levels, delay send and reverb send has infinite possibilities, even with only 4 part polyphony (on the samples - polyphony is 6 per part on the synths). The sample parts can be changed via program changes so this’ll play very nicely with my new Monomachine due any day now courtesy of @KrisM. :slight_smile:

Will upload a demo later.

Cool update, might even be tempted to grab a second one now, especially if they add separate track lengths for the drum tracks.

Off topic ,its great that MnM has come your way @ghostly606 ,community love an all.
I’m sure its gone to a good home,from a good home :slight_smile:

This thing seems to keep getting better :slight_smile:

Very tempted

Here's a techno/house/electro drum sampleset I made for Circuit.


Argh I sold my circuit to part-fund my op-1.