NudeAudio Super M Bluetooth speaker

"4 full-range, high-performance neodymium drivers are tightly packed on
both sides of the Super-M, with each pair complemented by a passive
radiator, totalling 6 drivers."

Also has aux input, is waterproof, will fit in your jeans…

Ya think it’ll be a nice partner for your OP-1?

I think it would be highly competitive with what’s on the market already.

And something quite nice to have when/if my speaker’s wings are finally clipped by the io board >.>

the Yelle Special Edition Super-M is pretty close to the Blue knob, too, though I have my eye on Plum, because purple.

I have the Nude Move L which is portable, but chunky (and heavy) also uses passive radiance, and works pretty well overall. Forget really low freqs though, won’t go there. Holds a charge well. Reall has made me rethink using Subdub stuff for bass, if you need special gear to hear it, maybe not worth it. Except, of course, I love it. Lol

Yeah, it’s probably not going to make your guts vibrate like a subwoofer with a 15" speaker but it could be a handy companion for mobile music making