Nudge tempo of OP-1 to sync to cdjs?

Hey, is there such a function on the OP-1? As I am intending to primarily use it live, I need to know if I can nudge the tempo to match these of cdjs or other turntables. I have read the manual but it doesn’t look like such a feature exists?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hey @Dennisj

I think you can just press the left and right keys while in tape mode to nudge faster and slower. I don’t do this that often, so could somebody else confirm?

While in tape mode, you can turn the blue knob (I think, could be other colour, don’t have my op-1 at hand right now). It nudges just the right amount to manually keep sync. It even has visual feedback: the little vertical line on top in the middle moves temporarily while nudging.

Yeh it’s a bit like a turntable -tweaking the tape speed with blue knob.
Controlling continuous play back speed is set at semitones or 50 % / 200 % (while knob) which isn’t perfect.A fine tune would be useful for this live turntablism aspect.
It’s still good though.(You can rely on just one pitch-your CDJs).