OB-4 Bluetooth connection issues

so i can not connect anything to bluetooth other than the
ortho remote. I never got the flashing blue light under bt,
instead it has just been a solid white light under bt. what
should i do?

I keep getting a solid white dot under bt and
receive a “could not connect” message when trying to
connect to bt. But I am able to use the orthoplay app to
control volume and switch from bt to fm and other
modes. I just can not play anything via bt. The ortho
remote even works by controlling volume and switching
modes but I can’t play any music via bt. What is their
exchange process like? I’m starting to think I just got a

Hi, I’m bumping this thread as I’m having the exact same issue. Has anyone solved it his yet?

try this:

  1. turn off the OB-4
  2. hold play
  3. turn on the OB-4
  4. release play once speaker is fully on

i would appreciate if you can send the serial number of your units to me in pm. the serial number can be found on the external packaging, on a label behind the lid on the bottom side of the unit, or in orthoplay.

thanks, jacob

This worked!!! I appreciate it this was the perfect solution.