OB-4 dead while attempting firmware update

I attempted to update my firmware using the orthoplay app. On the first attempt it said the update failed and a booloader message was saying to press play to cancel… but the cancel would only bring up the bootloader message again. I got an idea to press input+play… that got me into a factory reset. I got the unit back and attempted to update the firmware again. I got the same error message and the bootloader error message on the OB-4… but when I hit play to cancel, everything went blank… no display, not lights. Even the charge led is not working while plugged in.

Any thoughts in this?

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i’ve sent you a pm regarding this.

I’m running into this as well after trying to update today, any help would be appreciated.

I have to send my unit in for repairs. But if you’re still stuck in the bootloader message, hold down input+play buttons… this will get you into a factory restore state. After you get your unit back, I suggest you wait for a follow-up firmware update.

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I ran into the same issue today (bootloader 1.2.9). Same symptoms described above. I haven’t done anything to factory reset this yet — has anyone been able to get out of this state?

Okay, turns out that pressing input+play to get it into factory reset was the solution. After reset I attempted the same firmware update and it went through smoothly.

TE - it would be great if you could just add these steps to the user guide.

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Came here to say I had the same issue - TE should really add this to their documentation.

Hi, Question. Are you running Orthoplay on iOS or Android? I’m on Android and seem to be caught in an endless loop with no status updates in the Orthoplay Android App or OB-4 display beside “Bootloader 1.2.9 - press play to cancel.” I am able to Factory Reset but can’t get the OB-4 to update. Cheers!

Same issues here. I was on 1.3.6 (I think). Latest bootloader failed. I have the latest release of Andriod running on Pixel and was using the Orthoplay app. I have factory reset back to 1.2.0 but no update works now.

Does support the TE read this?

No, this a user forum.
Contact TE support directly.

Are there release notes for OS updates for the OB-4? I have not seen a link at the TE sites.
Does anyone know how to attempt OS updates outside of using the Orthoplay app on Andriod or iOS?

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maybe u can update via the orthoplay website?

I reached out to TE support over no progress on updating firmware from 1.2.9 to the latest version. I’m running Orthoplay on Android 12 on a Pixel 4a(5G). When updating, there is no status change in the app or OB-4 display.

TE support asked me to try with iOS. I now need to have my 18 yo try it. not pleased with their answer.

In my research, I’ve found no instructions, release notes, our troubleshooting guide. TE support telling me to try another OS doesn’t sit well with me…at all.

I was able to update firmware after borrowing someones iOS device loading Orthoplay and applying. I wasn’t able to get Android version of Orthoplay to work for updates of firmware, It would hang with no updates.

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Does anyone remember how long the bootloader took to update? I can’t tell if the factory reset is advised here or not.

Three or four minutes at most, if I recall correctly.

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Mine is definitely taking longer than a few minutes. I’ve sent a support ticket request. Hoping for the best. My bluetooth will not connect with it for some reason. I was figuring it was this update as I am prompted form my phone that I need an app to connect with it.

Check if your phone is connected to another Bluetooth device.
I have had this several times, no connection with ob4. But all the time it was connected to my Bluetooth receiver at the hifi

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I don’t believe it was, but I will attempt this once I get home from work.

I see you use android, and about that I can,’t say something because I use the other phone

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