OB-4 dead while attempting firmware update

I attempted to update my firmware using the orthoplay app. On the first attempt it said the update failed and a booloader message was saying to press play to cancel… but the cancel would only bring up the bootloader message again. I got an idea to press input+play… that got me into a factory reset. I got the unit back and attempted to update the firmware again. I got the same error message and the bootloader error message on the OB-4… but when I hit play to cancel, everything went blank… no display, not lights. Even the charge led is not working while plugged in.

Any thoughts in this?

i’ve sent you a pm regarding this.

I’m running into this as well after trying to update today, any help would be appreciated.

I have to send my unit in for repairs. But if you’re still stuck in the bootloader message, hold down input+play buttons… this will get you into a factory restore state. After you get your unit back, I suggest you wait for a follow-up firmware update.

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