OB-4 decksaver alternative

I know I’m pretty much alone in thinking decksaver’s are a big con.

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lol it looks like a mask and I love it!

My biggest concern is the volume knob. I wish there was an easier way to protect it.

I’ve seen a few break, including mine, but I was fortunate enough to be able to repair mine

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I racked my brains thinking of something that would work the best before coming up with a tennis/running sweatband…that led me to this. Works a treat, and also loads of options/variations. Good fabric, not fluffy.
(also tried to find some huge swimming goggles but to no avail!)

How did you break your, er, knob?

I’d also recommend this tripod which came yesterday. It’s spot on size/stability wise…https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0B1ZZNQTZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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My cat knocked it off a table and blew it into pieces. The lower half of the knob, or encoder I should say, remained in the OB-4, which was a plastic ring that slides around the stator, and the shaft that houses the magnet that goes into he center of the stator broke off in a shape that allowed me to glue it back in in the right orientation.

I should have taken pictures, but I went into panic mode as soon as I realized what that loud THUD was lol.

I was extremely fortunate that I could repair it with just some superglue and patience, but man, it is one complicated part, you DO NOT want that to break. Idk why they gave it the big ol’ tab on the volume, either, it makes it very vulnerable.
I mean it is TE I’m talking about here, we all know the answer is a e s t h e t i c.

Edit: tbh, I really contemplated shaving the knobs tab down by half its height before I glued it back in, but my wife talked me out of it for some reason lol

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a quick cat tale.
was on my third date with a girl (circa97) and upstairs in her old country village three storey flat. In the kitchen/lounge I asked if it was safe for her cat to be perched to the window. Before she could answer the cat vanished. Panic. We found the cat in a muddy bucket that someone had left in the 3 car concrete ‘car park’ below. Lucky sod. That little git later bit my nose. Still miss that girl though. And still can’t stand cats.

I agree with your wife. No need to reduce the knob height, baby! hoho. It’s a really good design, although more resistance would be cool. You are right, it’s delicate. But unlike that daft yellow op-z switch, it’s practical.

I adore it. But it’s easy to see why those big speaker eyes are so attractive. Also, the weight of it is beautiful, perfect.

What’s inside it in terms of capabilities/ram/memory? What’s the bit rate? does it even matter?

I do have one issue though…(later)

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That was one lucky cat!!! A shame it bit you tho :sweat_smile:

TBF to the OP-Z knob, that is just a tiny d shaft pot, you can replace the blade style knob with a few different styles of 3d prints if that’s your thing.

Mine broke years ago and I made an ad-hoc substitute that to this day has stayed in place; the end plug of a cheap disposable biro pen it’s less pretentious and far more practical. Sadly not yellow though. Decksavers make sense if you’ve got cats I guess but dogs and a duster is more my kinda life.

sorry, i’m confused- can you please tell me what you use the tripod for?

It’s designed for phones but the boss br80 is the same width. Look at the position of the two mics. Almost exactly the same width as the ob-4 speakers. The tripod is plastic, but sturdy.
For whatever daft reason those TE boffins chose to omit an aux out, I wanted an easy, fast way to capture sounds from it. The br80 can record stereo, 16bit.

Tripod was/is £8.00 Amazon.

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ah yeah! i see what you mean! good deal, thank you

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We were discussing his Boss BR-80 in another thread, I was looking into picking one up after he posted suggesting using it to record the OB-4

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Decided to make my own protective mesh


Can I ask what you’re doing with your OB-4 that you would need protective mesh?

Camping, fishing, picnics, bbq’s……anything outdoors.

I’ve already had one of the speakers replaced because dents on the cone. The cones are super brittle and I don’t want to pay to have one replaced again.


looks really good how you did it

I protect mine (volume incl.) in the Teenage Engineering x Off-White bag.