Ob 4 dented dust cap

Hello, No matter how careful I was, there was an accident. Sound is ok but its really itches me :confused:
Any tips ?

I have had similar problems with bigger speakers in the past and I used a vacuum cleaner to suck the dent out… Not sure if that method would be advisable with the size of the OB-4, but I thought I would mention it…Good Luck!

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I have an OB-4 and I really like the sound and design, but a for a “portable speaker” they should have made this thing WAY MORE durable… I am always scared that this same thing will happen to me. Hope you can get it fixed.


Tape didnt helped. Never used vacuum cleaner it was risky. But sugarless gum solved it

How do you use it for this fix?

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I rolled gum arrond straw and gently stick it and pulled. Carefully here is the result…

Ob 4s cone is different from other speakers that ı had. Its had more hard dust cover surface. I dont now how did it happen that damage but ı am glad with the result. There is still some micro scar but ı guess ı have to live with it.
I guess ı better to get mesh case haha

I believe the mesh cases have been sold out😢