OB-4 how to factory reset?

Hello everyone!

I am wondering if anyone knows how to factory reset the OB-4? ai can’t find any information on this on the internet about this or if it’s possible.

My issue is the scrub function is not working although the tape dial works for other functions like th metronome tempo change.

I have the latest firmware 1.5.8 and tried the motor calibration which causes the tape dial to move back and forth.

May help or issues much appreciated!

Cheers, Alan

factory reset won’t help you in that case, i’m afraid. please get in touch with support.

Hi jacobs, thanks for your advice. I tried the factory reset and calibration and you’re right it still does not work. I have contacted TE and hopefully i can take it in for repair maybe. Unfortunately it’s not under warranty. Cheers!

Can someone explain how to achieve a factory reset on the OB-4… I cannot find any documentation… It is probably super obvious but I cannot figure it out. Please help.

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Thank you so much!!!

So the calibration is essentially a factory reset?

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