OB-4 is under rated

Tonight I got my son to think about playing drums. And taught him some simple three piece patterns. To help him with his timing I remembered the ob-4 has the metronome which I got out for him.

This lead all 3 kids to curiosity about this speaker they’ve never seen.

So I showed them some feature and started messing with the radio. They were absolutely floored and despite paying no attention to my EDM, loved what we could do to the radio. Even slow “boring” r&b.

Anyway I realized how quickly we dismiss things like the ob-4. Like snobs. But for a lot of people, some simple, boring radio station manipulation is joyous. It’s an expensive toy but I didn’t realize how cool and fun it can be.


It really embodies their ethos of just wanting to make life more fun. I just got a used one in the mail yesterday so I’m certainly in a honeymoon phase with it, but it definitely lives up to its moniker. Also, no one mentions how satisfying the buttons are to click, so I just gotta throw that out there. They are legitimately the nicest buttons I think I’ve ever clicked lol.

But yeah, my wife put it well when she said “I don’t know why this exists but it’s amazing” lol


And radio sounds better when it is slowed down, always :slight_smile: