OB-4 low level hiss

Brand new unit. Tried update, factory reset/calibration, but I’m still getting static/hiss on every setting (disk modes/line in etc). This hiss doesn’t get louder when the volume is turned up, but it’s there constantly, and that can’t be right. Anyone else has this on theirs? Cheers.

Nope, mine does not do that. Have you reached out to customer service?

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Nope, I’m gonna send it back, now you have just confirmed things. I wasn’t totally sure. I’ve loved it until I noticed that. I like to hear very, very quiet music to sleep to, but this was like hearing a radio drown in boiling water. OK, maybe not lobster screams bad. Moving into another room doesn’t help either. It’s akin to a ground loop hum, very odd, as I’ve never read about this being an issue on any other unit before.

Thank you for the feedback!

Unfortunate yours has that issue. The ambient mode is my favorite sleep aid ever.

I usually put it on over a radio program on XPN called Echos and dial in the right ambient tweaks, set it to just barely audible and I have the best sleep ever.

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I’ve not had a decent night’s sleep for years, so if that works it would truly be a Magic Radio!
And just to clarify what I mean about hiss; turn on the OB, turn the dial back to minimum, put your ear to the speaker… absolutely silent?

I do have a slight hiss too, when turned on at the minimum level

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if i’m reading this correctly
its not that uncommon if u put your ear on the speaker
to hear a lil hiss or “air” coming from pretty much any speaker…


Yes this kind of ‘noise’ is normal.

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Yeah…it does sound daft but I could’ve sworn I didn’t notice it last week. It’s pretty audible even facing the OB six inches away.
Thanks for the assurance NOT to now send it back :slight_smile:

I do have a another question; has anyone used a ‘T’ shaped 3.5mm mic with it?