OB-4 not working after update 1.5.8

Hey, today I finally received my OB-4 which I was super excited about. Finally a new bluetooth speaker after using my old one for 5 years!

As I tested it for the first time, i really was impressed by the sound and was convinced I’m keeping it. Soon I downloaded the orthoplay app and installed the latest software update (1.5.8) after which nothing seems to work anymore.

Neither cable input nor bluetooth will play the received input, radio doesn’t work at all and the disk mode seems to be activated but no sound is to be heard. When my phone shows that I’m connected via Bluetooth (I can even control the OB-4 via the orthoplay app), the little light indicating bluetooth connection still blinks instead of staying blue.

I really don’t know what to do, am really frustated and would appreciate any help!

Maybe try a factory reset and install the latest firmware again?

Hold play and input while turning the unit on and follow the instructions.

Thank you! The factory reset worked!
Didn’t install the latest firmware again, will do this later today but for now my OB-4 is working again :slight_smile:

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Wonder if the update gets an official release at Superbooth.

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