OB-4 tempo issues


Hope everyone’s doing well and is enjoying making some music/sounds!

I just got an OB-4 and I’m having some issues with some of the “magic functions” when trying to change the speed.

When I press down the input button, “speed” lights up and turning the volume knob to the left to slow the temp down works fine. However, if I try to turn it to the right to speed it up, nothing happens. I first have to turn it left a bit (slowed it down to 0.9) and then turning it back to the right the speed only then increases. But it still seems to “lag” a bit. I feel like as soon as I surpass 1.4x I get “kicked out” of the speed function even though I don’t release the input button. Also the speed goes back to 1.0 after like 2 seconds…

Weirdly when I first turned the OB-4 on it seemed to work fine…

I just installed the newest firmware today

Any inputs here?

You may be running out of tape/ catching up to real time, so it can’t speed up any more.

To update, download he orthoplay app and connect your OB-4 and then from he main screen your unit will appear at the bottom and have a little text bubble on it saying update available, you tap that then it tells you to press play on your OB-4, do that and let it do it’s thing.


So it is not possible to speed the tempo if you‘re in real time?

Correct. It is magic, but not magic enough to time travel lol. You can let it record for a while then hold input to enable tape speed and turn the volume knob far left to let it rewind a while back and then go from there but otherwise that’s it, unless you make a loop I think.


Oh b 4 can actually record your tape scratches and tape manipulations like parameter locks but I forget the key combo.


I wish tape recorded in magic mode :frowning:

Ah I see.

Thanks so much for the insight!


Did you try recalibration? it resolved my issue for tempo here is the link for that instruction