OB4: always on, always plugged in? bad?

Does anyone have their OB-4…

  • Always powered on
  • Always connected to power

In it’s default environment, I have my OB-4 connected via line-in to my desktop computer… so I don’t really turn it off. I also have the AC power cable plugged in (because it’s always on).

Is this no good bad news bears?
…bad for flash/storage because of continuous writes? (at least, i think it’s flash)
…bad for battery life? (if not engineered to account for this scenario)

I’ve noticed that the tape stops spinning after a period of prolonged silence… then automatically resumes when audio is detected.

Anyone else do either/both of these? Anybody have bad results from doing this?


Edited for clarity


I may be (very) wrong, but my only concern would be the battery life span. Depending on how they programmed (if any) battery charge management, you may shorten its life. Just like in a laptop.

Got mine a few days ago, and keeping it mostly unplugged for now. I guess I’ll charge it on a per need basis, trying not to go as low as 20ish%.


I asked TE about this and they also advised not to keep the power plugged in.

So, this kinda makes the always on part not really possible.