OB4 bluetooth playback issue when opening a youtube

This is very specific but when I’ve got my ob4 connected via bluetooth to my macbook and using virtualdj for music playback which is often and I want to open youtube or any media from a browser it cuts the playback on virtualdj and I have to refresh the connection. I’d expect it to be a vdj issue but it doesn’t happen under same vdj usage connected to my macbook/bluetooth when connected to my kef lsx speakers. Don’t know if there’s a fix on my end but maybe something to fix in the next firmware update?

Did you turn off. Autoswitch for Bluetooth in the orthoplay app ?

It’s always been like this. It’s not just a virtualdj issue either I forgot another instance is if I’m playing a youtube and putting it in picture in picture mode, the video doesn’t stop but the volume cuts out and you need to click pause and play to get the sound to play again. My ob4’s on the latest firmware but this was an issue prior to it and has been for the several months I’ve had it edit: Yes it’s been off since I’ve had it

@emeralds: if you use chrome please try disabling hardware media keys (chrome://flags/#hardware-media-key-handling).