OB4 Wheel click sound

I love my OB4 and use it with lots of care, but today I noticed the wheel is starting to make a click sound on every rotation. It just started today. Has anyone else dealt with this? Any fix?

Are you talking about the tape knob? What mode? Does it happen when it’s off? I noticed it’s smooth for tape operations, but has haptic feedback for things like ambient mode. Perhaps you are in a mode with a center detent? If not it could be some dirt. Maybe try to vacuum it out. I’d be nervous prying open a motorized rotary before I knew what was going on.

It’s happening with the tape knob while listening to Bluetooth. As the tape knob spins it has a little click every few rotations at the same spot. I’ll try a vacuum later. Definitely afraid to pry it off but it seems like some dust or something needs to be cleaned out.

FYI: A paint chip from the ceiling fell into the small gap of the tape knob on my OB-4. I noticed that I could feel it every time I turned the knob. It eventually worked its way out and now the knob rotates smoothly… Now, I always keep the OB-4 in the angled orientation or use a dust cover when not in use. I find that if I keep the OB-4 in the upright position while not in use, the top panel gets covered with debris and creates potential for the same thing happening again.