OD-11 Connectivity Issues, HELP?

Hey y’all.

Got an OD-11, liked it, then found another boxed one on Ebay for a decent price. It arrived yesterday, and it seems to be dysfunctional.

I can’t get it to connect to my wifi. Have tried about a million times now, from several devices. When I try to connect from the iOS wifi menu, It just tries for a very long time, then says “an unexpected error occurred.” Thought at first maybe this is because the network already has my first speaker connected, but even when I unplug that one, same issue.

Have searched around the internet and haven’t found any others talking about the same problem. Anyone have any ideas? Did I just get a faulty speaker?

Would try reaching out to TE, but have learned that it’s all but useless from previous attempts on other products. The ebay seller has agreed to a return, but honestly, I’d rather just get this thing working if at all possible.