OD-11 Connectivity Issues, HELP?

Hey y’all.

Got an OD-11, liked it, then found another boxed one on Ebay for a decent price. It arrived yesterday, and it seems to be dysfunctional.

I can’t get it to connect to my wifi. Have tried about a million times now, from several devices. When I try to connect from the iOS wifi menu, It just tries for a very long time, then says “an unexpected error occurred.” Thought at first maybe this is because the network already has my first speaker connected, but even when I unplug that one, same issue.

Have searched around the internet and haven’t found any others talking about the same problem. Anyone have any ideas? Did I just get a faulty speaker?

Would try reaching out to TE, but have learned that it’s all but useless from previous attempts on other products. The ebay seller has agreed to a return, but honestly, I’d rather just get this thing working if at all possible.


I have the same problem! I’ve got a pair, both were fine for years, and suddenly after being stored for a few months both get this error from Airplay setup.

My suspicion is that Apple changed something - I have Big Sur and iOS 14 on the two devices I’ve tried, and both have the issue.

Sometimes I can get the Orthoplay app to see one, OR the orthoplay website to see the other one, but never both at the same time. Airplay can’t see either of them.

Have you changed the WiFi password during storage? I have these speakers and they are connected fine on the latest iOS. There’s another thread which explains resets somewhere on here.

I had changed routers entirely, but the password/setup wasn’t the problem - the first thing I did when I plugged them in was put them in setup mode and connected them to the new network. If they couldn’t have connected to wifi, they wouldn’t have been visible in Orthoplay regardless.

It turned out to be the router - the new Nokia Internet Gateway that T-Mobile gives out. Traffic to it was going into a black hole, probably because of a NAT table issue during Airplay setup. Clearing the NAT table fixed it!