OD-11 connectivity problems [solved]

Any TE fanboys/girls here using the OD-11 speakers?

I recently bought a pair and I seem to be having very frequent issues where almost every song will drop for a few seconds and sometimes multiple times. This happens both with Spotify connect and airplay with local files. Often it is so frequent that it makes my system effectively unusable.

I believe there is no issue with my broadband connection or wifi performance as I can stream more demanding media (e.g. movies) with no issues.

FWIW I am in the UK and on Virgin Media as the Internet provider on their VIVID 200 Optical Fibre package (Up to 200Mbps) and using the Virgin Media Hub 3.0 as my router.

Has anyone had similar issues or am I alone here? :wink:

I have asked TE support if there is any way I can run any diagnostics on the OD-11 to help troubleshoot.
I will update accordingly!

it would be great if there were a way to increase the buffer size on the OD-11…

I changed the wifi channel on my router configuration and today i had virtually no issues.I will monitor a couple more days; I hope this is not just a coincidence and I really found the source of the issue! Hope this helps someone in the future!

I had a similar issue with my pair of OD-11 speakers. They were cutting out quite frequently and generally working unreliably. I was using a 1st gen Eero router which didn’t allow me to manually specify the channel. I believe it only used channels 1 and 11.

I got a new TP-Link router, and the speakers have been working perfectly since.

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This is good news seeing I’m looking into a pair of these bad boys myself.