OD-11 handy hint

…if you change the name of your Wifi network you will give your OD-11 a headache!

Once the network name is changed, the OD-11 can no longer connect to the network, it constantly searches for the old network name (& never finds it). From the manual you need to connect to the OD-11 via wifi to reset, which you won’t be able to do because it can’t find your network!

Luckily TE support were very quick to respond. I had to restart the OD-11 & press + & - buttons at the same time. This effectively resets previous wifi connection & creates an emergency network from the OD-11. From there I could connect via a URL with the laptop & upload a fresh firmware version which completely reset the speaker…thus able to connect to the newly named network.

It would be lovely if you could do this all within the app or via Orthoplay website.

Thought I’d share in case anyone else tried resetting their wifi network name.

I have come across the same issue but I can’t find the new firmware. Where did you find it?

Have you tried the Teenage Engineering website?

Yup! Done everything i can through there. After resetting i get the recovery wifi but nothing happens after chosing it.

If i refresh the site its possible to upload downloaded firmware then upload to unit. The problem is that i can’t get a hold of the firmware.

  1. download https://teenage.engineering/_software/od11/0.9.12/root-gxfcm8ma4pex-0.9.12.bin
    to your computer
  2. unplug the speaker
  3. hold – and + while plugging in the power, the led will turn yellow
    after a few seconds, release the buttons
  4. when started up, the speaker will bring up a “OD-11 Recovery XXXX”
    network, join it
  5. open a web browser, go to
  6. upload the downloaded .bin file, click confirm
  7. speaker will reboot and be in config mode again
  8. configure it to join your network

Speaking of OD-11. One thing that I really miss is the ability to change source with the ortho remote. Say for example that when you press and hold it down it changes source one step. Maybe something they add in the future.


I’d like to comment/answer a few different things here.

First, if changing network name/access point/router, there is no need to perform a recovery flash - simply put the OD-11 in config mode (https://teenage.engineering/guides/od-11#config) and configure it to use the network. Much more simple and quick.

If, for whatever reason, you want to perform a recovery flashing, please use this link instead: http://www.orthoplay.com/latest/firmware , it always points to the latest firmware binary.

Regarding changing OD-11 input source using the ortho remote - that has been working for a couple of months if running a recent firmware on the ortho remote. Simply press and hold the button to toggle between the sources. Ping me to get instructions on how to upgrade it.

so the latest update brings bluetooth audio. Tempting!

@hangar64 said:
so the latest update brings bluetooth audio. Tempting!

Wait until amazon black friday, `cause the year before last there was over 30% on the OD-11

Does anyone know what features the new update has? I can’t find any info.