OD11 - Connecting multiple Speakers

Afternoon all…

I’m a bit of a novice with these speakers so please bear with me.

I have 3 OD11’s, one (connected) pair in one room, the 3rd speaker in another. I’d like to connect all 3 yet cannot find any info on this. I’m assuming it is possible over wifi right? OD11 was one of my key reasons for not going down the SONOS route :thinking: (along with many other reasons of course!)

Any pointers or help gratefully received.


Hey! If you are using the group function from the orthoplay app, the maximum amount of speakers in a group is two. However, with the recent Airplay 2 update (have you updated?) I would try selecting all three speakers through the iOS output selection, assuming you’re using an Apple product to play music. I don’t have three speakers to test this with myself but let me know if this works for you :slight_smile:

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Bingo brother… it does exactly that1! Thanks a million for reaching out top solve this dilemma :ok_hand:

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I updated my phone and simply connected the (paired) 2 and the single speaker and all works seamlessly. I’m chuffed to say the least :pray:

Glad you got it working! cheers!

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