Odd repair questions

Need help with a couple of cosmetic repairs that I couldn’t find on iFixit.

One of the rubber feet on my Op-1 keeps popping off - IFixit doesn’t have new feet in stock. I tried superglue to hold it back on but it doesn’t work. Any glue out there that will bind rubber to metal?

Also - the op-1 decal on the side is completely rubbed off. Anyone have any experience replacing that with a new decal?

Try Sugru for the foot. And for the decal, just pick up a cool sticker!

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u could also measure the diameter of hte foot
and use that to purchase some new ones from somewhere else

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Haha yeah I guess it’s time to personalize the op-1 after breaking it in these past few years!

Not a bad idea - just need to make sure it matches the other three surviving feet, or replace them all at once. Tabletop wobble is the enemy!

Contact cement is a good adhesive for rubber to metal. It’s a old fashion glue where you coat both sides and let it dry and then push them together with a good amount pressure and the glue bonds itself together. It’s strong stuff, but it can also be removed from non-porous surfaces. You can pickup a small glass bottle that has a brush applicator on the lid.

If you want something permanent, I would go with E6000. It will also adhere rubber to metal. It comes in a squeeze tube and looks kinda like silicone, but it dries hard. This stuff is only removed by cutting and scraping. It takes 1-2 days to fully harden, but it will be dry enough to handle after sitting overnight. You might want to find something to apply this with, like a popsicle stick or a plastic knife would work.

Both of these are thicker glues than super glue, so you want to be careful about applying too much, so one foot doesn’t stick up further than the others. Remove as much of the old glue as you can and maybe take a q-tip with a little isopropyl alcohol to make to sure no oils from your fingers left on both surfaces. You will also get better results by keeping some pressure against both parts to help them adhere.

You can pick both of these glues up at hardware stores, home improvement centers, auto parts, craft stores, or even Walmart if you’re in the US. Hope this helps you out.


Thanks, I literally had the e6000 in my hand at the store and couldn’t figure out if it would do the job - looks like the right stuff, thanks again