Odd time signature of tempo/metronome?

Hello OP-1 mates,
Tried to find an answer…
How can I create an odd time signature of tempo/metronome? (Not 4/4)

I appreciate your help!
Thank you. :slight_smile:

The metronome’s time signature can’t be changed per se, but you could essentially ignore the accent that is put on the downbeat of the metronome and set your loop points manually to loop in an odd meter. Another thing that comes to mind is using a triplet grid within the Endless sequencer to lay down a groove that has more of a triplet feel with 12 or 24 steps instead of 16. These solutions are both just workarounds, but should get the job done.

I was wondering this today, would really make things easier as the accent always seems to throw me off. :frowning:

You can create your own odd-signature metronome track with endless. And like @wtrmnstr said, once you have an odd-signature recording in place on tape, you can just insert loop markers. Workarounds, but doable.

Thank you for your useful tips & comments!
After reading, tried to make a Waltz tempo in Pattern sequencer, and then Endless sequencer. Both worked. :slight_smile: Still wanna check deeper, to see which way would be more useful/fruitful.

Thank you again & I really hope that the next OS update would bring 3/4 tempo etc!