Oddities and bugs (OB-4, PO-33, OP-1F)

hi all, ive noticed a few oddities/bugs and i wanted to just report them here to see if anyone has noticed these same issues before.

  1. OB-4: after upgrading to the latest firmware a few weeks ago, im noticing that i hear this odd whirring/noise coming out of the OB-4 when there is no audio signal coming through, but importantly the magic tape is still active. meaning there is no audio being played, but it has not gone onto that “standby” mode. it is very quiet and not really of much concern, but it is odd because my OB-4 was dead quiet when no audio was actively coming through even when not in standby mode. oddly, it sounds a lot like the ambient mode is enabled, its got that similar whirring quality but just much quieter.

  2. OB-4: maybe this is operator error, but its only started happening after the latest firmware update: when i activate the ambient mode by holding play down for 3 seconds, it will relatively often only work for about 10 seconds before just going completely quiet and i have to exit ambient mode and go back in. usually a 2nd time i have no issues but i find this odd. definitely seems software bug to me.

  3. PO-33: lately it does not seem to reliably receive the clock signal from my TX-6 or other POs. ive confirmed by wires are good, the clock signal is strong and correctly configured, and that the clock it indeed being sent. basically, i will having everything working and my POs are synced and playing well for about a minute or 2 and then all of a sudden my PO-33 will just stop playing mid pattern and i dont see the blinking display indicating it is receiving clock, but again ive confirmed the clock/wire/etc is all correct. if i just wait there for a few more minutes it will suddenly start playing again, or if i get impatient usually cycling through the sync modes will kick it back into working again. has anyone else experienced this kind of thing with their PO-33 or any of the metal series POs?

  4. OP1-F: in the last few weeks, perhaps it is due to the firmware upgrade or my MacBook software update, but i notice that the clock on the op1-f will randomly get shuffled to 2 weeks in the future every so often. it seems like it happens when i plug it into my mac via USB for MTP, but i have not really done much investigation. has anyone else experienced this?

thanks all!

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