Off-center screen, encoders and icons/numbers?

So… when I ordered a new OP-1 (sold my first one 4 years ago) I was greeted with a screen that was slightly shifted and encoders that weren’t centered so I asked for a replacement model (which I received 1 week later).

This replacement model has an even worse positioned screen and encoders. Even the symbols/numbers on some of the keys are off-center.

Did anyone of you encounter the same problems with the new OP-1 units or did I just have bad luck?

What are your thoughts on the build quality of the REV 2.0 models?

Edit: Pictures below

Can you share pictures?

Might not be a big deal for some people but for 1400€ I expect a flawless product…

I’d send that back again if it was mine, especially with that screen the way it is.

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