off center wavfiles when recording to DAW

does anyone notice when they record their OP-1 to a DAW (pro tools/logic/ect…) the wav file looks a bit off center. I have all FX/PANNING/LFO/DRIVE everything off to see what is causing it. Is this thing stereo? I didn’t think so…

@Braun3000 The output from the OP-1 is stereo but only if you are playing in tape mode. If you are directly in a synth or drum mode then the output is mono. At least this is my understanding so far, somebody more experienced may well correct me on this!

Another thought - if you are recording in stereo then it might be that stereo panning or effects from the OP-1 are causing the left/right channels to be different creating an uneven waveform. It might not be perceptible to hear though which is ultimately the main thing I guess.

What way have you physically cabled from the OP-1 to your DAW? Is it via an audio interface? Are you using a TRS mini-jack to 2 x TS jacks into 2 x line inputs? Is the gain set identically on these line inputs? Just another thought.

As an experiment, why not record the tape to an album track on the OP-1 and copy the AIF file to your computer and input to the DAW.


@cloudburst Good call, that should certainly be the next step!

@cloudburst Should I be using a TRS from the OPs output?

op1 output is TRS yes. if u use a TS (mono) cable, i think u will only pick up one of the channels L or R.

TRS somehow implies mono. It’s a 1/8" stereo jack like in consumer headphones.

The output is always two-channel. With master effects on, it’s stereo more often than not.

Probably not a good idea to use a mono 1/8 jack going out, you may be shorting the right channel, and the OP1 isn’t very hardy.

Agree with most of what you’re saying eesn - except:

TRS in no way implies mono. TS (tip/sleeve) would imply mono. TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) very definitely implies stereo. It is the reason for the ring.

Ref the point about headphones: consumer headphones many of these are now TRRS (tip/ring/ring/sleeve) to cater for stereo plus remote control (via the additional ring)


Agree with most of what you're saying eesn - except:

TRS in no way implies mono. TS (tip/sleeve) would imply mono. TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) very definitely implies stereo.

i’m referring to headphone (phone) connectors not usually being called TRS even though technically that’s what they are. TRS really is what you make out of it, stereo on headphones, mono audio+video for 1/8" on cameras, and balanced mono audio for 1/4" jacks (where the term is very common).