Off topic - who's your team?

Feel as if discussions on here give a glimpse of the people behind the avatars. So in that spirit, what sports team(s) do you follow…

For me: main sport is football (soccer) Greenock Morton, Scotland and Newcastle United - in that order. I’m from Greenock in Scotland so that sums up those loyalties, have followed NUFC since the keegan era.

Nfl - Dallas cowboys. Started watching them as Danny White was winding down. My dad lectured at UCLA so we became Aikman fans. And favourite player was the one and only Emmitt.

hockey :slight_smile:

but I don’t really watch the pros, too busy playing myself.

NBA - Raptors (Oh canada!) and Lakers. Been a fan of most L.A teams since I was a kid growing up listening to N.W.A.

NFL - Patriots and Raiders. Used to hate Brady, but when my fav player Randy Moss went to the team I grew to respect them.
NHL - This Canadian hates Hockey, go figure.
MLB - Don’t really care but go Blue Jays I guess.
CFL - Saskatchewan Roughriders (my home team)

I don’t sport : /

Living in WI, this is a sin, but oh well. Go Packers I guess.

I’ve only ever been to two football matches in my life and they both were Raith Rovers (my uncle used to play for them in the early 80s).

Does that make me a Raith Rovers fan? haha

Rugby - Wales and The Dragons. Plus any Welsh team in any sport! Plus any northern hemisphere team verse England. Any Northern hemisphere team verse Southern at Rugby.

Football - Everton/Melbourne Victory
Afl - Hawthorn
NFL - New York Giants

My son’s just started playing basketball but not really picked a team yet - Looks like it may be the Bulls (he’s picking for us)

Football - Dundee / Scotland. Sadly seeing as Scotland are so crap I have to make do with an “Anyone But England” approach in major championships. :slight_smile:

Whitby Town
Boston Red Sox

Sorry im Dutch, we only have soccer here, but Feyenoord Rotterdam does the job for me :wink:

Barnsley FC - After two trips to Wembley to watch us win the JPT Trophy and win the L1 Play Off final I’m still on cloud 9. Youuu Redz.

England (Sorry ghostly606 & Steveoath)

Penguins in NHL, Sheffield Steelers Elite League UK Ice Hockey. also watched the Leafs and Marlies in Toronto quite a bit. Lad used to play junior hockey in the UK but he’s now ‘retired’ !!

Green Bay Packers NFL but I’m not massively into

Just watched England win the Rugby Union Series vs Australia

Also i like to watch Boxing and we have quite a few World Champs right now.

So seems that I’m having a good period in sporting terms. Just need England to win the Euro’s (ducks & hides)