Official announcement ZM-4 module OP-Z


Very exciting! Definitely the module for me.
To anyone who has either of the previous modules, does it look like they’ve changed the design of this one to eliminate the issues those had? I don’t have them myself and can’t tell from the pictures, aside from it obviously using the rumbles locking mechanism.

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I’d buy this in an instant but my OP-Z is a bent brick thanks to their shoddy manufacturing. It’s past warranty but I’m still going to send it back to them in protest. Sorry to vent on your post.


it looks the same as the others
i have both modules but never had issues so i’m not sure what you mean

i feel crazy tho because it looks like an oplab where cv ports has been swapped for audio

am i mistaken?

Great! I wasn’t expecting it to work as an assignable output. Among other things there’s the solution for bouncing down individual tracks / stems!

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Nope that’s exactly it. I suspect their “ideal” use case is syncing with a Pocket Operator and running its audio through the OP-Z for effects and sampling.

I’m personally looking forward to controlling my Electribe 2 with OP-Z’s much-better sequencer, and running its output through the OP-Z’s Tape track.

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what i would’ve loved is if all four ports handled audio

even if one input was dedicated for fx return (only to be mixed with internal audio…not available for sampling etc)

it will still be possible to get creative with an external mixer or input splitter but i’m shocked and kinda underwhelmed seeing the initial plans

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Same… seems like a missed opportunity… there is already the oplab so why duplicate functionality for things we already paid for when you could have it all be audio…
Also, I really liked that the oplab and the rumble had different mechanisms to lock in… this is the same as rumble… it would be cool if each was different… this just makes it look like the oplab has a badly designed lock(which may be true) instead of capitalizing on the situation and make it a quirky designing opportunity.
For a company that supposedly is focused on design, they don’t seem that great at it!! Lol.


I am looking forward to use the second stereo output for some pseudo quadraphonic space panning. The Ob-4 is perfect for the second stereomix.

I don’t own oplab so this module is very appealing to me. I understand the frustration for those who already have an oplab though! I also would love more assignable audio outs.

It is basically oplab2. Taking a step back, you can see this module as “fixing” many of the bits people say are missing from the op-z: midi i/o, line in, extra audio out. It is a far more complete product with this module.

Interesting to see what happens with firmware too.


The real question is: Where is (or what would have been) ZM-3 and will we still get it? :thinking:


Right?? I forgot!! That’s the other thing, why did they just skip a number? It really seems they just don’t care more and more…


While I think “cueing in tracks” means cueing op-z’s internal tracks, I hope it also means that when connected to a computer it appears an a 4-out audio interface.

Running ableton audio through op-z over usb has been a very fun but being able to send the cue mix to this 2nd line out would be amazing for live perf.

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It’s weird they made an announcement that they are gonna make a announcement…


my Z is warped but the Rumble works fine, so my fingers are crossed that the newer locking system will always be ok.

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‘you can route individual tracks to the module output instead of to the main mix to separate and process the individual tracks…’

so, just to be clear, multiple tracks can be routed out or just one? And if so, why isn’t it possible (yet) to do the same via usb the way the Roland Boutiques do?

also, do the step fx work over midi?

What about price? This module will must have…

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This will allow 4 track recording through an external audio interface!

I wonder if these additional inputs/outputs will be accessible through USB?

That way we will have a great 2in (+2in) / 4out audio interface! or worst case 2in / 4out!

Really excited about this!

I’m now thinking of returning my oplab that I bought a few weeks ago because I expect that they will be worth nothing once this comes out… maybe I’ll replace it with the keystep37 or the arturia microfreak for the CV/Gate functionality and connect to op-z through usb to get the same functionality (I need to connect to po400 Modular)

I had first thought that it was going to be all audio in and out. But I think having the midi or PO sync makes more sense than all audio. This has overlap with the oplab, but you can’t use two modules at once, so the functionality isn’t really redundant. With this, you can route midi or PO sync to that device and then audio back into the OP-Z for processing. Or you could send audio out to a midi controlled FX pedal/unit. I’m considering getting a second OP-Z just to have one with oplab and one with ZM-4 :slight_smile:

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I do prefer the recording quality over USB so I hope all four channels go out that way. But I guess analogue audio isn’t the end of the world :wink:

Going to have to be careful to hard pan stuff and avoid panning punch effects and so on (unless just recording stereo tracks / stems which is fine as well.) Bit of a pain to have to go back and do this for multiple patterns if you didn’t build them with that in mind. But hey, all part of the funs.