official spare IO. Eu only.

Poop; TEam says it’ll be available to the rest of the world and the US in the next couple of weeks.

Easy fix: Just three screws and one connector. Connector probably needs careful manipulation. Instructions:


Excellent work from TE, makes me a lot less worried about the durability of the connector board!

Yeah, great idea selling through iFixit.

So now we just need a battery replacement. Has anyone had the battery fail on them yet? The oldest devices should be four years now, so it is bound to start happening, if laptop experience is anything to go by.

Love the “You got this.”

The OP-1 came out in late 2011, the oldest aren’t even three years old yet @stahlwerk :wink: (well… I think there are some 2010 prototypes out there… didn’t Swedish House Mafia do a video in 2010?) fwiw, I had a 2009 Macbook with a good battery still when I sold it, so it isn’t all doom and gloom just because a lithium battery gets old :slight_smile:

Though replacement would be great, they are definitely going to need it eventually. I think we lost the “guts” pics when ohpeewon went down, but isn’t it basically a cell phone battery? ie, DIY shouldn’t be too tragic, maybe a couple solder connections at worst, and we might be able to cram a battery with higher capacity in there to boot >:)

I got my OP-1 in May of 2011. I believe it was the second batch with a few weeks separating it from the first. The battery is still good, but is a concern for the distant future.

Derp. Apparently my definition of “late 2011” is different from the moron that edited the OP-1 wikipedia entry -- May is so not late anything lol… And my work IP is blocked due to “vandalism” and my phone’s current IP was apparently used via an open proxy so I can’t fix it there, either. lol FFS wikipedia… --

Oh yeah. I’m not a user, but it still mentions ohpeewon at the bottom if you alter it. I think people started getting them in March.

Very cool fix. Will buy one just in case. Lol

Only one @strata189? >.>

great news. thanks for the link.

AHhHH must wait for american AHAHAH. Ive been shying away from my op1 of late dues to the broken IO board/random restarts…

anyone else find it funny that it’s very easy to replace the IO board? >.> maybe I’m just too cynical…

it is interesting,

Fascinating. its the interesting sort of logic that ive come to expect from TE.

re: the battery, I found a link to a Chinese site for the original battery that I posted on ohpeewon - about $2 - the actually battery you use for replacement isn’t too critical (as long as it’s 3.7v) and by the time you need to replace it anything that fits will be fine. It’s not as if the OP-1 does a great job of the battery monitor for the original spec battery anyway :slight_smile:

you may have to pay attention to the type of battery…

lost guts pictures from ohpeewon (credit to ‘titansteam’ from ohpeewon)