OG-1‘s usb interface with int. mic


Would like to use the internal microphone from OP while hooked up as usb interface, to record straight from mic to DAW and pass through OP‘s mojo. Couldn’t figur it out, yet. Does anyone know if this is possible?


Plugging an ext. mic into and OP serving as interface would also be fine of course: somehow only taperecorded and synth/drum audio seems to pass to DAW‘s destination. I think I‘m missing something.

Recording with the op1 mic into your daw should work through usb audio… is that what you are trying?

Hey Sti,

Yes, that’s what I‘m trying to do. Strangely there’s no mic-signal coming through to the daw, but everything else does.

Do you get the mic signal in the op-1?

Yes, it has signal on mic- and tape screen…

Do you have the latest firmware installed?

Yes, #246

… ok it seems to be more like a monitor thing on daw- side, since routing OP as daw‘s interface in- and output gives the mic signal to daw though, but now I can’t monitor through daw but only through OP‘s headphone output, so that now I can’t hear the tracks of the Daws project at the same time using the mic.


So, finally got it to work (by accident):

Strangely, you get the internal mic of OP1 to monitor in your DAW only if you plug something into the OP1 headphone jack, loose cable, antenna etc., while op1 being your usb interface.

For anyone having the same issue:

  1. turn op1 asDAW‘s audio-interface by op1 being input- and daw being your output-device.

  2. choose mic as source on op1‘s input screen/red mic key

  3. plug s.o. into the headphone-jack and turn on mic on any screen and record to daw.