OG-1 Summer Mixtape

Recorded 26 sketches which are made on the OG OP-1 during warm summer evenings/nights sampling all kinds of rare random vocal jazz, soul and funk snippets from the Tube to chop up and play with for inspiration and new ideas.

I hope you’ll like it! Thanks for checking it out

Bandcamp link for the ones interested:


The core reason why I’m about to pull the trigger. The tunes are the stuff creative music is made of. Love it.

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Thanks a lot for listening and your comment! The OP-1 is great for creative stuff indeed. Cheers!

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Great stuff. Masterful live performance too.

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Thanks Stew and I am glad you like it!

Little update. I did pull the trigger. And you were part of the pro list.
Can’t wait to see what you’ve got next in store!

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…oh. And one last thing. Bought your drumpack for the OP1f. It’s a no-brainer.
Next month, I’m pulling the trigger on the Broadcast part.
I didn’t find any way to preview the packs, but is it at all necessary when I can vouch for the high quality drumkits that landed on my OP1f all thanks to you…?
Kudos, my friend. Ku-effin-dos.

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Thank you so much for the kind words and I am glad you are enjoying the Rhythm sound pack.

You are right about the lack of previews regarding the sound packs I have available and probably should put more time into that, however I do post some little demonstrations of most sound packs on my YouTube channel so perhaps check these out?

Thanks again and enjoy your Field :wink:

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To be frank, I don’t even need the previews. Really. Your YouTube channel and my first purchase are quite enough.

For what it’s worth, your drums sample pack is so good, they should include it in the Core Library. It is an absolute gem of a toolbox.

I’m battling around the quirks of the A/B capabilities of the drum sampler at the moment, but I’m gonna try to make it work with your pack.

Again. Thanks for the amazing content and your packs pristine quality.

Now, my OP1f wants them all!

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Thank you so much man! The stock drums are also great if you ask me, but that’s very kind of you to say.

I am happy you like the sounds so much and I hope you’ll enjoy the sounds of the other sound packs as well.


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