Og. OP-1 as sync-master for Logic

Hello Dear People,

Maybe someone knows an answer to this:

Is there any way to let OP1 being the master and LogicProX follows the midi clock from OP1?

Without any issues they run in sync the other way round, where Logic is acting as master. But this way, OP1 doesn’t allow to record on tape, wich is what I‘m after.

Ideally, I would like to hit record on the op1, and Logic starts playback in sync. Can this be done?

I understand that OP-1 sends MIDI clock being the Master over usb, when BEATMATCH is engaged. But After hours of trying, Logic won’t hear my messages.

Excited About your experiences


Ok, as far as my research went for now, and if it’s right what I‘ve read, Logic itself seems to have no ability to receive midi to follow, but can only transmit it. The only thing it can receive is MTC.

Would it be possible to use some hardware box like a Kenton midi or an OPlab to get the effect?

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It is much easier to use logic as the master and the OP1 as the receiver of the clock, there is a video of andertons that explains how to do it… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdxlVGGdN0Y&t=34s

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Hello Francesco, thanks a Lot for the vid and your suggestion. I know this process and like it aswell, but opposed to what’s shown in the Video, where he records back to op1 while using the COW, I strangely can’t record back on mine in time. OP1 always forces to just playback mode… whereas every other thing shown in the video works on my side, too. Perhaps I‘m doing something wrong?

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i think they fixed that in a firmware update somewhere along hte line

like u arm to record and then when it receives a midi play message it stays recording instead of forcing playback

maybe its like shift+rec?

i dunno i def remember seeing that in the notes a lil while back
now does it actually work as intended? that could be another question unfortunately lol

what firmware r u on?

edit : ya here we are under #243

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Hello docshermsticks,

Ah, that might indeed be the problem.

I never updated and still running #235, to prevent possible bugs, ala „never change a running system.“ instead usb audio I went with an regular audio interface and thought it would not influence midi stuff…

…Do you think it might be risky to update straight from #235 to #246? Like I read in the past updating sometimes caused some issues here and there.

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Ok, I updated the OP-1 flawlessly to the latest firmware #246. Wow, it’s so awesome a whole new world opens up for me now!!:relaxed: Logic as master, and the bug fix solved it all. and plus usb-audio it’s really great.

Thank you very much both, Francesco and docshermsticks! :relaxed:


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