OG OP-1 doomsday prepping?

So I have a just after launch OP-1 and haven’t had any major issues so far…

However, with the recent price increase and the switch in display assembly, I’ve been a bit concerned about what my options will be if something does need servicing. It sounds like it’s just the display and related circuitry that’s been changed, so I’m assuming other parts will be available. If something were to happen to the display though I wonder if I’d be totally out of luck?

It seems like most issues I see around here primarily involve parts that have physical interactions (connector board, keyboard, encoders) but not so much the display? Does that seem pretty accurate?

Just thinking out loud a bit here as the OP-1 is the only piece of equipment that I’ve kept around this long and never considered selling/trading…

i scooped a couple connector boards from ifixit just in case


It will probably still be serviceable, given that the OP-1 was not discontinued (and the newer one is not even considered a mark 2), but most likely (or at worst) you would need to replace both the display and the main board.

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These are touch screen versions of the display often mentioned. Unsolder the four connectors for the resistive layer, peel it off, and you have an OP-1 display I suspect :slight_smile:


interesting topic! i to have a launch Op1 from TE directly. I have replaced the IO board once. and have the original one(which I think I had TE replace once aswell.) With the broken one it was just a jack break so fixing a few traces is NBD. but no need as a I have a functional one. But atleast its some amount of safety net. Hey TE if you could release an IO board with USBc that would be cool…

The battery has always been my main concern but all these many years later and its still more hours then I bother to count.

any reason TE would stop repairing them? i know they take forever but its better then death.

I fear repair prices post price hike.

This video shows the inside of the newest (?) OP-1 revision:


It seems like the new display requires both a new main PCB and body. Now I wonder how TE will fix the units with an older display…


Yes as someone with a unit from 2014 that has failed 2-3 times I recommend everyone stock up one at least one spare part per part (ifixit claims lifetime warranty). I would say relax but TE has upped the price every time inventory restocks from what I’ve seen.

oh sheesh. that really is a problem in the future I guess. you can‘t just transform the old one into a new one if it fails…even tho you can‘t buy the body separately right?

they should have gone with the exact dimensions and it would be more serviceable when the they just had fixed the new display with another method like a removable stopper or something. nobody has a cnc drill or whatever you need to remove aluminum.

hope my won‘t fail :sweat_smile: