OG OP-1 Patches for firmwares (076, 225 and 14203)

With the release of the OP-1 Field I know a bunch of people are wanting to either have access to their older patches or compare how they sound. A few years back I made a post with some of these patches but figured it would be good to add the parent folder (and update the dead links) so that all of the patches can get added here in the future. I might go back through the older firmwares and re-dump the patches if I’ve missed any between releases.

Here is the link to the parent folder of the three firmwares that I have dumped: Official Patches - Google Drive


Awesome! Thanks a lot i was looking for these.
Now we can finally use the awesome presets wich Read Means Recording uses for his tracks :slight_smile:

Strangely my OP-1 could not load every patch though. Maybe i have to retry.
But yeah, the old sounds were way better, i like the sounds more than the last sounds.

Did retry, but still he does not load every synth patch.
Drum patches - no chance.
Does anyone know why?

prolly bc TE loads these in natively when they were stock (aka built in) patches
but there isn’t enough user patch space to load them all in yourself

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This is exactly the case. Unfortunately you’ll never be able to have all of these patches on your OP-1 at the same time due to memory constraints :frowning: I tend to just pick the ones I like and keep those. Although with the OP-1 Field I can finally store them all!


Great work, thanks! There are awesome patches from those days
I love in particular the Daily Blip kit. Cibo Matto uses it on Empty Pool, from Hotel Valentine