Og. OP1 Volume and gain


I would like to start a discussion about gain, volume, db and metering on the og. Op1:

As I see you can adjust volume/gain in the screens of input (gain), tape (as a rec level), mixer (as monitored audio) and in the master screen for overall stereo out and drive/compression.

Then you have the led meter on the right hand side of the chassy.

How for instance do I know if audio is really clipping? if I want to hit the tape hard for drive: is driving a track on the Mixer VU meter into the red a good thing, like I would with an analog machine, or does it indicate real digital clipping that I would like to avoid? Also the stereo out?

Then, is there a sweet spot, where OP1 shines for its sound most, like eg. should you drive the input on high gain, or run the mixer on aprox. 50% for headroom? What are your experiences and discoveries here?

To my subjective ear, the internal mic sounds best on +10 or +20. (on 0 it’s very quite though). but maybe I‘m doing something wrong.

I’m a little confused so there’s no real concrete question I have. Maby what I’m asking for is gainstaiging on the op1?

u should peep the screen that shows the signal flow on the OP1
shift + mixer

play sounds and youll see the different paths light up
pretty sure that it even shows when u are clipping at the different stages
i.e. paths turn red

generally speaking alot of this is subjective
and open to interpretation
some times clipping at certain stages u might actually dig
sometimes u might not
depends on the sound, depends on what your going for etc etc

i think a good rule of thumb is to
use yours ears too
in addition to the visual representation
dont just trust the numbers always

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Ah, the overview shift+mixer is a cool thing.

Most of the time I‘m barely looking at the dials and go by ear and how the sounds appear relatively in the stereo field - but then sometimes, looking at a tapetracks on the computer later, the waveform is distorted or has too much clipping that was not audible on headphones.
I think I was also not sure, if it might be dangerous to drive it all to hard? Could it damage the unit? Or is it all simulated overdrive, eg. if I crank up the mixer and master compressor to its extend?

I mostly have master volume on 99/99 drive between 30/20 40/30.

I guess I thought of the thing like, that when you put it all to low under a certain extend that you won’t get the juice that OP1 preserves, and on the other hand, if you take it to far, you might roast the PCB or audio jacks. Could it be that way, or might this be more like a false approach of thinking about it?