Ohpeewon's Lost Souls

I know there are some names missing from here. Let’s try and collect who was active on ohpeewon and see if we can find them, and then lead them here. I’m sure that the coming newsletter will get a few more people, too, it should have a little blurb about us being here. But not everyone gets the newsletter, either.

I’ve messaged @docshermsticks and @shamaniaq on soundcloud so they’ll know where to find us without having to mess with freeforums.net again (I did leave a ‘news’ header about operator-1.com so anyone that goes there should be directed here. But I don’t trust ‘free’ things so much and would like to try and take that place down ASAP and hope only a little spam finds its way here because of it >.>)

I don’t know if @punji knows anything at all, and I have no idea how to contact him. The patch randomizer doesn’t mention a way to contact anyone about it, though I imagine if TE interviewed him he probably gets the newsletter. I suppose I could ask TE if they’d be willing to reach out to him and steer him our way.

Who else is missing?

@Raigan @Weirdbangn

You know, @pfontaine2 got a lot of votes in Battle23 before we moved. I left a message on Soundcloud.

Where can you see who already registered? I have some people from soundcloud I don’t know if they got it already…
maybe I just send some notes to them then.!


after sending 6 or 7 messages on soundcloud they give you a warning to loose your human touch!!!

I know I can see a list of all the members, but I don’t know that ‘members’ can see this, I think there’s probably a way so everyone can see, though, I’ll look into it.

Thanks @mixrasta

texted @cswinn

@masterofstuff214 is missing, too

I messaged Phineus on soundcloud. @sentientminority is here already.

Cheers for the message @Mixrasta




lol @lazenbleep

Huzaa. Thanks everyone! I’m so glad we can keep a good thing going!

and speak of the devil… welcome hehe.

Hi all, I was in a vacation trip to France when it all happened! I heard at Elektronauts about the new site, but just got the time to join in now. It would be good if TE advertised the new address (and changed the link at the OP-1 manual, if I recall correctly there is one in there pointing to ohpeewon.com).

And there’s @punji!

TE knows about the new site, and are trying to get in a blurb in the next newsletter about it.

Recent email from TE:

Thank you for your email. The updated manual is being worked on and will be released when ready.

Please check operator-1.com for updates on the forum.



Thanks to KrisM for informing me of the new forum, good to know the community has reformed, onwards and upwards!

And thanks to the guys who set this new forum up too :wink:

whew! thanks for the heads up guys! :slight_smile:

was trying to buy some gear off him before the forum went down - anyone knows how to get a hold of him?

i’m sure Cuckoo knows of the move right?