Ok should I start the CM-15 thread?

I was looking for wireless 2 way mics for the last few days and now this??


Youtuber SON WU predicts the future Teenage Engineering is doing it... - YouTube


So I’m a TE Lifer, or would like to be, though my wallet is starting to cry. This is as much as my OP-1 Field -100, and I would love a true TE Mic, but this thing is… :scream: Tula at least is closer to a reasonable price range, and Cuckoo approved.


It has a built-in battery but no recording function. However, it could be considered inexpensive for a Peluso microphone.


I am absolutely getting this, I can’t wait. Exactly what I was hoping for in a form factor this size. I wonder if they’re going to implement anything unique when using it with a TX-6 and/or OP-1f.


Wish it was stereo. The built in mic is good enough for mono, imo, I use an external H1n for stereo.

Surely you‘d buy two of them then :laughing:

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I know you were joking, but hypothetically if we skip over the budgetary constraints - two is a lot bulkier and XY alignment for stereo use would be awkward to setup.