Old Drum Breaks for Sampling/Looping


I saw a request by @klausklaerwer for drum samples. Thought others might need some too…

Here’s all those classic old hip hop breaks, 300 of em.
Loads of drums for chopping and lots for looping…


nice collection! thanks!

also feel i should mention i uploaded a sampled drum breaks pack on op1.fun (about a dozen already chopped and ready for the op1) and it is currently the most downloaded pack on the site (wow thanks!)

heres the link for anyone interested


perhaps ill sit down and make some kits from your collection this weekend if i have some free time


Thanks for sharing these!


thanks !!


very cool




Just for clarification, thats not my collection. That’s an old collection that was released as a CD and has been passed around forever. Lots from Ultimate Breaks and Beats series. Impeach the Prez is listed as Holy Grail or something like that. You got the skull snaps, get out womans, etc.

Thanks for sharing these!



Lovely stuff