Oled screen immanence

Hi! First post here… just discovered this place as the legacy of Ohpeewon… Nice place by the way :wink:

Coming here 'cos i have a question.
My Op-1 is almost 3 years old of not so intensive labour.
Using it sporadicaly, but always enjoy the creative process and the general workflow.
Recently, i noticed something. Due to the fact that the tape screen is the one i’m usin the most, there’s cleary an immanence from this screen on each other sceen. I mean, all white drawings “crossing” the tape element’s location on different screen let show the so called drawing of the tape. Same with the Screen test in test mode (the one with full coour spectrum) The tape drawing is appearing
Worst, when i’m usin the tape screen, the tape drawing is clearly yellow instead of white. Did you ever noticed that? So far i’ve seek along the threads, i found nothing mentionning this… Am I the one and only experimenting this issue? thanks for sharing :smiley:

sounds like your OLED has burn in, and even some colour drift. It’s the nature of current OLED tech unfortunately. The organic compounds degrade over time, and iirc the burn in is worse than plasma (I used to think OLED was pretty immune, but have been proven wrong… though Samsung’s AMOLED is pretty good).

mine is old like that as well, but i do not see burn you describe.
but i do jump around a lot, so maybe less focused use helped?..

yeah, i think it’s a bit annoying. not that it avoid me to work with the op-1, but it’s always a bit sad to see component degrading a bit more each time u use it… I imagine i will have one day to contact TE about this… I’m just a bit estonished that I’m the only one who have related this issue yet. Here a pic of the problem, on test mode.

Blue is the 'problem child' when it comes to older generation OLED tech that is in the OP-1 - basically there is a much less life in the blue pixels, so eventually they 'wear out' - which seems to be exactly the effect you are getting. I would expect all OP-1's to deteriorate over time when it comes to blue....sad but true... with all that white the tape screen uses the most blue of any of the screens, with some that don't change at all like the spools and rollers the pixel 'on' time is maxed out

At one point I tracked down what I was reasonable sure was the OLED module used, about $5 from the Chinese manufacturer, and looks to be reasonably easy to replace (posted on ohpeewon so gone now). Almost worth stockpiling a few now...

@husker This one?


That looks right - I was way off on the price though, I think I was thinking of the battery

Argh!! Unfortunately, it seems that those ebay link are restricted in my country (France)
I think i will have to find something similar on Ali Express…

Might be a good idea to stockpile. I think it’s testament to how lovely these things are that we want them to last forever.

Is there a nice dude to bring here the picture of the screen that Punji is talking about, instead of a link… would be greatly appreciated, and could simplify my search a lot :wink:

google search on AliExpress of the part number gets lots of hits


$50 + free shipping to France here


$40 + $9 shipping here


Oh thanks!! much appreciated :smiley: So, you think those one would feet the OP-1?? sounds really lie a good opportunity!!

don’t know for sure, but really looks like it… someone needs to be the first :slight_smile:

yep, you are right :wink: gonna check this out for sure. will let you know :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, so good news. TE accept selling spare screen directly :wink: Cost me 36 euros including shipping and taxes in regular postage. Gonna do an overview for dissasembling and replacing the screen as soon as i get it!
See you, operators!

Cool! You may want to refer to some dismantling instructions here:


Please look for a part number in the screen you get from TE so we may confirm that it is the same as the one from eBay/Aliexpress.

Also, if you have a good camera and don’t mind contributing with some more information, I would really appreciate some close up, high resolution pictures of the main CPU board (the one with Manhattan signs), so that we may identify other components part numbers.

Sure :slight_smile:

Do the organics in OLEDs deteriorate even when not in use? ie is storing them useless?

only in use, losing brightness with pixel 'on' hours - so actually because the OP-1 screens are mostly black most of their pixel will be happy 'forever' - if you don't stick to one particular screen (e.g. tape) they should 'wear level' pretty well, but blue (which includes white pixels) will wear the fastest