OM-1 the perfect partner for the OP-1?

My GAS is going crazy… Has anyone used one of these things?

@contraben This is great, like a lo fi mellotron. Although the OP-1 can cover this ground it would be a nice companion for those into that kind of wonky lo fi goodness.

This looks like fun. Not sure about the practicality, but definitely fun.

Just to chime in… The Crudlabs Crudman is similar. More expensive, yes, but with MIDI, wider octave range, and a few neat features (like “warble”, a tape vibrato that is MIDI controlled). I’ve got a Crudman and it’s one of the most unique instruments I’ve ever played with. Highly recommended. This looks like it would be an awesome alternative.

Ohhhh, most exciting thing for me is that it’s got CV! This could be a hit in euroland.

I wonder if a multitrack cassette deck could be modded too, followed by reel to reel…

Added myself on the mailing list.

Thanks for posting!

Hi there, how much is the crudlab expensive?

So if you had an OP-1 handy, or some other way to play loops, you could play it though the OM-1 and make it go louder or kind of play a few notes on it.

You could control the volume, but the note (pitch) control would only work with the associated cassette player.

@MattiaC the Crudman was $375 US when I ordered mine on Etsy. Great, unique little piece of gear.