On tha mic!

If the old forum was still up, I’d just search…but…
What have people’s experiences been using the onboard mic?
What’s the quality like?
Any tips for better recording?
Any secret tricks for incoming audio?

There were some good results it is not amazing. but you can work it. think lofi!

I barely know, mine stopped working after using the line in like 3 times -_-

It’s decent enough and useable for some stuff, but I wouldn’t use it over the line in if I had the choice.

Is it possible to use an external mic through the line in?

Sure, why wouldn’t you be able to? Dunno about the amplification, you will get a ton of noise if you have to dial the sensitivity up too much.

Well…typically line and mic levels are different (hence preamps) and the inputs aren’t always interchangeable.
Just wondering if anyone has experience using an external mic…I’d love to be able to use binaural mics without having to run through a recorder and then into the line input.

The Audio Technica PRO 24 is a stereo ‘electret’ style condensor mic that has a 6 foot/3m cord ending in a 3.5mm jack. It is battery-powered and lasts ‘up to 200 hours’ per Audio Technica, and I know a few around here have one. @shamaniaq being the first to come to mind. As it is self-contained you don’t need to mess with pres, etc.

A nice a amp in the middle would help.

Sweet!..thanks for that tip.
I’ll check that mic out.



Do you want two twenty foot cables to deal with? o.O

The OP-1 sums to mono anyway (you can’t record to two tracks at once :frowning: )

Drio I use one of those audio technicas on my op1. Works great, the gain lets me take it from a directional to a condeser. it is however a condenser.

Dammit!!!..forgot that…MONOOOOOOOOOO (shakes fist)
I’ll just have to import the separate channels from my recorder and hard pan then layer or something…oh well…no big deal
Still super stoked for it to arrive…just picked up a new reel-to-reel today for super Concrète destruction tomorrow!!

I record my guitar through my amplifier to an sm58 to line in.
I’m no professional but to my ear/s (I’ve only got one, so can’t really hear stereo anyway) it sounds fine.

A dynamic mic like the SM-58 will sound fuller w/ a preamp, but you can squeak by without one, iirc from my early days of music’ing. The OP-1 does have 20dB of gain on the input, it sounds like it’s enough in your case @StaticMist

The OP-1 only records in mono? Does it sum the left and right inputs, or is it only wired as a single mono input?

Pretty sure it’s summed

to be honest here, the only use I’ve gotten out of the mike so far (mind you, I’ve only had it like a week) is recording silly things onto the synth sampler, or through CWO… XD


the last use my mic got when working was the old ‘musique conrete’ thread. i recorded six minutes of my ac running, the fridge, a floor fan… nothing needing super high fidelity. i do miss it for basic shit…