One week with the new OP-1 Firmware Update (OS 243). Here's my overall take on it: the good + the bad

You can now use your OP-1 as an audio interface, which is great.

Here’s my overall take on it: the good + the bad. Yes…there’s some bad (unfortunately):


Great video, thanks Liam!

Regarding the bad, the crackling does show up on mac (even on OP-1’s own output when activated on Ableton), but it does not exist on Win10 (where the latency seems to be under 30ms and useable for tape and POs, -not measured yet-)

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crackling could just be your computers CPU and your sample buffer // latency settings in your DAW
if u increase your buffer does it go away?
i dont notice any crackling or latency and my macbook is a late 2008 so very old running Live 9

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no crackling here on 2013 iMac with buffer very low. have not tried it on 2018 mbp yet. when I do, I will report back here.

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Not sure this shows the USB connection at its most useful - getting audio out of the op1 is way easier dragging and dropping, in disc mode. However it is great being able to connect to an iphone with just a USB cable and camera connection kit and use iphone synths, it keeps the whole thing portable, also being able to use iphone sequencers using sync mode, midi clock and the arm record button is great, it was always hard to keep them in time before.

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Oh that’s weird. That being said there is a solid solution which i’ll be filming today actually. Should be out soon. It invloved shift + com- you’re able to turn off “charge mode”

It’s from the cable! I’ll be posting a solution quite soon.

It’s from the cable actually- TE actually addresses it and i’ll be making a follow up video here.

It essentially allows you to use your OP-1 as an audio interface and synth at the same time.

Here’s my take on it! One Week with the OP1's latest Firmware Update // Good vs Bad - YouTube