Online drum utility Alpha

How do you guys feel about this?


This is great, lovely interface and works perfectly on Vivaldi. I made a kit with a bunch of WAV format samples and it correctly created the AIF file and imported onto the OP-Z. Very convenient!

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i like it but a desktop app would be more useful for me

@zunaito is there a specific reason why you’d prefer a desktop app? I only ask as I develop web tools for music related stuff, so I’m interested in understanding what it is about using it that makes you prefer desktop apps.


that’s a good question that is kinda difficult for me to answer

i’m used to downloading and periodically updating apps…i don’t have a specific reason or bad experience which makes me prefer one over the other

it’s almost like my preference for desktop apps over mobile apps…i’ll use a web app occasionally if i must, for a thing i plan to use regularly or need to depend on? i really only use desktop tools

i’d rather not depend on internet access to use an app
plus, finding an app is easier for me since i can organize my files and programs in any way I want


Thanks for sharing, that’s interesting to hear. The required internet connection thing is getting better with something called “Progressive Web Apps”, which function offline and you can install to your computer, but it’s a bit of a faff to do it.


Thanks for the heads up.

More of a desktop-based app here.
For many reasons. The need of an internet connection, keeping track of my files and folders, making sure my worked-on-samples stay mine, not updating something that truly works for my own set-up, etc.
But nice to see this kind of tools making it into the wild.
Is there a Synth Sample-Kit Utility in the works too? Would love to try that out!

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Thanks for the Utility!

It is easy to use and works as expected. Love that you can trim/adjust audio files and drop an existing drum file in, makes editing existing drum sets easier.

Some features that would be great to have (if they aren’t already there and I missed them):
OP-1 – editing of – pitch, playback direction, and volume
OP-1 Field – editing of – pitch, playback direction, stereo/A/B settings, attack, and volume
Ability to play back each sound. Would be great for checking trim adjustments. Even better if it had the above features and could apply them when playing back.

For me there are multiple reasons I prefer a standalone app not dependent on an internet connection to work.

  1. Once downloaded I don’t lose access to the app even if the internet goes down, I don’t have internet (often while traveling or on a plane), or if the web site goes down or is no longer maintained and stops working as expected.
  2. I am in control of the version of the app I’m using. Sometimes I find a good workflow and even a change to improve an app can sometimes cause issues to make apps no longer useful. With version control you can chose which version to use and are not force to update and/or change workflows if all is working well with an older version.
  3. I have powerful systems which are usually much faster than any web based app if I can run locally.
  4. I prefer to have my apps running as stand alone processes rather than a tab in my web browser. More convent to click on the icon in the task bar than to find it in my browser tabs most of the time.

All of that said this is so useful even as a web app so thanks again!


Just to note, this one doesn’t need an internet connection. It’s installable as a desktop app as well by clicking this icon up in the location bar here:
Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 10.22.54

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Whaaaaat!? That’s awesome!

Also, you can drop an existing drum kit into the utility and it breaks it up into the appropriate slices so you can easily edit it. I’ve found that to be incredibly helpful!


In glad this exists but I’m a bit stunned there needs to be a workaround just get a kit together. One of the things that drew me to the op-z was the sounds already on it were great for me. So there is DEFINITELY a few good enough kick, snare, hats etc sounds on there.

But I can’t seemingly put THEM in a kit. I have to add more files to a device with an incredibly limited memory just to get around an interface problem.

i love you!
thanks for the tip

now i’m wondering if that’s true of some browser based software i’ve tried in the past

I could not get this icon in either Safari or Firefox (both on macOS). What am I missing, guys?

(sorry for the weird ask)

try chrome

Will do :saluting_face:

Do you guys also have this issue where some cuts of the kits exported with the TE drum utility are played one single frame too long, resulting in a clicking noise at the end of the sample because a fraction of the next one is getting played?

Also, has anyone found a way to change the playmode on multiple samples at once? I want most of them to play as one shots, but I don’t want to click the playmode button 3 times on every single sample.

Hope they’ll update this thing soon!


I’d very much like both of these things fixed

Both of these issues add a ton of work to creating kits using the utility.


Yes I’ve had this issue, typically I just readjust the end points and save snapshot. Or edit the end points inside drum utility save as new kit and re-upload.