Only battery powered?


Is it true that OP-1 can be powered only by its internal batteries? No USB power?
If this is true what is the predicted lifetime of the battery? This also defines the lifetime of the whole device, I think.

You can power it only with USB, but I have the feeling that constant powering over weeks and months isn’t really good for the battery life.I can be wrong tho…

Hey man, I recognise your username from Don’t panic about the battery. It’ll last more than long enough for you to feel like you got your money’s worth out of the op-1.
I guess unless you’re on it like 12+ hours a day and its your main instrument and a life-affecting struggle to get the money to pay for it etc. Under those circumstances I guess I wouldn’t advise it without more info on battery. But for real life/normal usage the battery will last a long long long time judging from OG users’ reports. I’ve had mine for months, used it a lot and only had to charge it about 8 times…

Hey man, I recognise your username from

Sure, no incognito :slight_smile:

I’ve had mine for months, used it a lot and only had to charge it about 8 times…
Yeah I have no doubt that it can operate for months without issues. But in 1 or 2 years? My smartphone is almost 2 years old. It has a big battery and the phone itself is also well designed to be energy safe. However while it still operates well, it has to be charged more and more often as its battery is getting old.

Buying a smartphone and an instrument (with so high price tag) isn’t the same thing. While a smartphone is built for 1-2 years I expect that an instrument is still usable in 5 or more years. It would be annoying to me if my synth should be thrown away just because its battery died.

I’m definitely for OP-1 just don’t want to worry about things that I wouldn’t expect to occur in such quality and price range.

I got my second hand OP-1 2 years ago, and I don’t see the battery weakening.

It’s not like the smartphone, OP-1 is not on 24/7.

Besides, the battery last something like 10 hours, so you can really stop worrying on this matter !!
Even if it looses 10% it’s still a long time to play :smiley:

Right, I see your point. Ok, I stop worrying about it so much :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the info.

I’ve had mine for almost 4 years now, no signs of the battery weakening yet! :smiley: Don’t worry, OP Happy

Of all the components that could fail in the OP-1 and render it a brick in the future, the battery is likely the easiest to replace with a compatible component…so don’t worry about the battery (but do worry about everything else :slight_smile:

OP-1 for Life bro!
They wouldn’t design such a timeless classic if it had shelf life.
Phones are designed to last 5 years max constant use.
I have a 3rd hand op-1 that will have been caned. It’s going strong.
Design choices like black background screen and ,I believe , limited memory go to allow super battery time.

Would it cause any issues in the device if charging it with a mobile charger which has output of 5V but 2A?