OP-1 & 1010music Blackbox


Did a little video showing how I am using these 2 together to play into one another strengths

Love any feedback or questions

So there is no need for an midi host in order to sequence the op-1 with the blackbox?

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That is correct. Blackbox is the host.
Did you watch the video? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I also have both devices and this is awesome! Great video!

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Thank so much. Greatly appreciate the feedback!

yes I did, but I was trying to figure out the cable routing. So I just asked. That’s definitely a really nice addition to the OP-1. Sometimes I really wish the pattern sequencer had longer patterns…
Oh by the way. I just read that blackbox now can record unquantized as well. So is it possible to nudge midi notes without the grid?
Thanks for your answer

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Yeah I definitely hear you on the sequencer.
That’s one (a few)of my main reasons for this idea and exploring this setup.
Yes you can record unquantized, And in the newer versions of the firmware you can nudge notes off the grid and manually adjust velocities and also Add probability to notes.

Circling back around to your question about the cabling and what not, The device USB port on the Blackbox is the key to the setup as the Blackbox becomes the USB MIDI host allowing MIDI info to flow both directions over 1 USB cable and then the audio is just one mini 3.5 mm Jack to the Blackbox and you monitor everything from the Blackbox.

Lots of possibilities here for all kinds of fun I think.

As with most of my video I just hope to show an idea to get some gears turning and see what other things people smarter than me come up with.

Let me know if you have any other thoughts, ideas or questions.

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i have this combo
still settling on a preffered workflow however
i like to use the op as a recorder for live jams on the BB currently
with the BB i was getting groove together but it stagnates a little when trying to develope in song mode on the BB i find
this way i can record freestyle straight into op,retain spontaneity and use therather nice compressor on the op for some glue
the drawback being for it to sync it has to always be from the top of the tape
BB works really well with the Po33 also with the clock out thats also a nice combo

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if u set loop points on the op1 tape i believe u can get the tape to start from the beginning on your loop instead of at the beginning of the tape when op1 is sync slave
i swear i was doing this but it was awhile ago

Great video! It’s going to cost me some money.

Tell me: where’d you get those nice op-1 encoder knobs

Thanks so much!
The knobs are called Chroma Caps from DJtechtools.com
I can’t say enough about what a great little cheap upgrade they are from the factory knobs. Highly recommended.

Are you recording to the tape or to the album in this workflow?

usually tape but lately habe been finding the Op input sounds a bit 'flat"compared to the BB is sending out , seems to squash the sound and flatten it & not in a particularily inspiring way

Sorry Posted in otter thread but have the Blackbox firmware updates been satisfying people over the years? How are you liking it these days days. Planning to use this with OP-1 field to dump tracks in and out from.

I was thinking the bluebox at first, but this seems more appealing for sample files and editing.

This was a cool demo. Thanks for posting this!