op-1 2019

Sold my OP-1 last year and miss it. Weirdly i was at my most creative with it. I dont particularly miss the synth engines but really miss the way of composing tracks with the tape and sampler. Im debating whether to buy a new one for around £950 (bax shop) or buying one 2nd hand for around a third cheaper. Does the latest OP-1s have improved hardware at all? The last update in feb looks cool - how is everyone finding it? Any rumours of new OS updates for the rest of 2019?

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The only difference, as far as I know, is the screen, which TE reports is better

Do you remember where they said that? As far as I recall the screen was replaced because the old one was no longer in production. Did they say in which way it is better?

They did say it has a new display to me via email. But no, I am checking and there isn’t a statement on whether is better or not

OG screen is perfect, I always thought it was (well, still is 10 years later) ahead of their time. Can’t see how it could be better anyway :smiley:

IMO buying new is more in case you want a guarantee.

Got mine second hand in 2014 and never regretted it, though.

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i still remember that old thread on the old forum
where we all posted the dates on our serial #'s
and a lot of cats w/ early ones were going strong. little to no issues.
and a lot of peeps w/ newer ones were having problems this way or that

not saying this as an absolute by any means
but the way things have been going at TE lately
i’m not that solid on their manufacturing processes and QC

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yeah…back in the days. :nerd_face:

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Hi. Im thinking of buying new again in 2019. Can anyone tell me how to tell if its a version 2 im buying. Just dont want to be scammed.

AFAIK, nobody found a way to check that. There are no pictures of the inside of a post price hike OP-1 to tell if there is any obvious difference or not.

There are 3 different hardware revisions of the OP1. Support told me that when I asked for a replacement display. You can only wollt he Version if you open the op1

Hmmm. Im about to pull the trigger but still wary of the reported upgrade. The dealer contacted the supplier but even they didnt know for sure how to tell. This is quite annoying.

I’ve seen somewhere here some newer OP-1’s apparently having black PCBs inside, instead of the NYC-labeled / F*CK YEAH boards…
probably one of the only observable differences

AFAIK the black PCBs predate the higher price OP-1s…

Why would anyone care about this if you have warranty? So far nobody complained about TE not being able to service older units or charging more for that. We don’t even know for sure if the new displays require a new main PCB or not.


Because there are sites with the rev 2 who say new updated screen and other improved parts. Thats the reason for the price increase i assume.

As far as If know I think that there’s no such thing as an official mk2 or even mk3.
There might be some minor component changes (such as the screen), which are not supposed to imply nor an upgrade/downgrade of the specs of the op1. I understand a mk2 or mk3 applies to evolutions like in Maschine or Octatrack e.g.
If I’m mistaken any clarification would be nice to know.

Exactly! People are trying to relate the price increase to some real added value in the “new version”, but there is likely none. I’m not saying the price increase is unjustified, maybe the new display cost is really higher because they had to source from a new supplier, or maybe the OP-1 sales volume decreased and the margins got reduced, whatever, but I think TE should be more transparent here. This is causing a lot of confusion.

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The fact that every firmware update is compatible with every unit can confirm there is no significant change, as well

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Cheers guys. Ive gone ahead and purchased. I think its the retailers who are confusing matters. Some are latching onto the rebirth and marketing it as a revision. Its just a continuation i guess.

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Enjoy!! :slight_smile:

Hope this is relevant to someone. I saw a used op-1 for sale @ a local music store. It’s only $850 USD. I already have an op-1 but was thinking of getting another, haven’t seen an op-1 go for less than a G in a minute. Though if I bought it I wouldn’t have the heart to resell it. Can’t buy until January for some reason it has a hold on it. If anyone is interested I would be happy to facilitate the purchase in person. It’s at guitar center, btw.