OP-1 3 key rollover limit?

I bought my OP-1 Used from Guitar Center. I noticed that sometimes when I press more than 3 keys, the 4th note causes one of the other notes to cut out. It’s like there’s a 3 key roll over limit… I thought it was normal…but now i’m wondering if this might only be affecting me, since I can’t find anyone else with the same issue, or anything online related to this issue. I hope I didn’t buy a broken OP-1…

Is this normal? Or maybe this could be fixed with a firmware update? Or should I return it and buy a new one?


which keys? You should be able to play any (at least) 6-note chords on the keyboard

Other buttons, I dunno.

what OS are you on?

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I’m on firmware R. 14203

But either way, it stopped doing it and seems to be working correctly now. Thanks though.

Thanks for the fast response. It’s all the keys. What I do is press and hold one key, then press and hold 3 more keys…that causes the first note to cut out. This happened with all the sounds. BUT!!! It’s odd because I tried to make the same issue happen again, but It’s not doing it anymore. So it seems like something that happens once and a while. Maybe that’s why I didn’t notice it too much. Next time it happens, I’ll just try turning it off and on or a factory reset. Thanks anyway man! I’m at least glad that it’s not a normal thing will all OP-1’s.

i guess you had a different voice allocation like Legato or mono underneath the envelope screen :tv:

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