OP-1 & Ableton Live no EXT sync?

I’m trying to get Ableton Live & the OP-1 to sync for the first time and I can’t seem to get it to work. All my MIDI settings are turned on for the OP-1 within Live and I have the OP-1 set to SYNC and Live’s sync mode set to MIDI Clock. It should say EXT if it’s connected correct? For whatever reason Beat Match & PO SYNC seem to connect to Live. I can get it to give an approximation of what tempo the OP-1 is set to. I’ve been having MIDI issues ever since I got the OP-1. Trying to rule out if it’s a bug, a bad dongle or me just being really dumb. Again I apologize if this is a very simple solution that I’m completely missing.

I had this issue too. Try a factory reset and see if you can get your hands on a different dongle for the OP-1 cable. I was using an old dongle and I found it would cause midi issues for me. I think some dongles are just low on power or something. You’re not alone the OP1 has it quirks.

ive had the same issue and never got to fix it. the control screen never appeared…

just did a quick test myself.
i just turned SYNC ON in ableton midi settings for OP1 OUTPUT
set the OP1 to SYNC in the tempo setting screen
and hit play in ableton and EXT shows up and tempo is synced and tape begins to play
running 243, on ableton 9

I found that for whatever reason the OP1 would disconnect but unplugging and replugging seems to fix those issues. I still need to get another dongle.

Just want to add some color here, I’m using Reaper. I had the same issue. OP-1 showed “EXT” briefly when launching Reaper. It then goes away. However, after unplugging / plugging in the OP-1, sync works correctly. Hope this helps!

Edit: soooo, it syncs for a few minutes and then drops sync. holy hell that’s annoying. I’ll try a different usb cable